Why Mediation??

If you are facing any personal or professional disrupt with another party on important matters:

  • ECONOMICAL: In resolving or narrowing areas of disputes through mediation parties save an enormous amount of time, energy, and expense associated with protracted conflict and litigation.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY: While lawsuits are matters of public record, what transpires at mediation can be kept confidential by agreement. Whether mediation occurs before or after filing of a lawsuit, any form of communication generated at mediation is normally inadmissible evidence.
  • QUALITY OF SETTLEMENT: Studies indicate parties entering into voluntary agreements through mediation are far more likely to adhere to and fulfill commitments made in such agreements than they are with judicially imposed resolutions.
  • RECOGNITION: In hearing and being heard in the mediation forum, parties gain the understanding of the other parties point of view, and an enhanced opportunity to be heard and understood themselves
  • EMPOWERMENT: Parties are empowered to decide for themselves whether and how they would like to resolve a situation. This self-determination aspect of mediation often corresponds to higher aspirations of how individuals and businesses want to conduct their lives and do business generally.
  • It enables you to shape long-term solutions that are in your family’s best interests
  • SPEED: In resolving or narrowing disputes through mediation, parties avoid the delay of a third party or judicially decided outcome.

Due to recent changes in government thinking, mediation is becoming the preferred method to resolve and prevent disputes. Agreements that have been freely negotiated can help restore communication, understanding and trust.