Separation and Divorce

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Working through a dispute on your own isn't easy. Hiring a non-judgmental third-party is often your best option to reach a fair agreement. Sheldon Forehand draws on years of experience and exceptional communication skills to provide formal mediation services in Meridian, Caldwell, Eagle, ID and surrounding areas. He fosters effective working relationships with clients, courts, judicial staff, community agencies and the general public.

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Discover the 6 steps of formal mediation

Sheldon Forehand is committed to reaching an agreement that benefits you. That's why he first establishes trust, so you can feel comfortable relying on him.

He'll assist you through every step of form mediation, including:

  • Introductory remarks by the mediator
  • Statement of the problem by both parties
  • Information gathering time by the mediator
  • Identification of the problems during intake
  • Bargaining and generating options with clients
  • Reaching an agreement

He draws on pre-mediation caucuses to build trust and listens to your suggestions and needs.

Because mediation is a female-led industry, our firm brings a fresh perspective to the table. Plus, Sheldon's experience in the corporate world has helped him develop exceptional communication skills for a variety of situations.

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