Elder Care Probate

Get mediation in Treasure Valley, ID to resolve conflict

The aging of a family member is an inevitable process, and families hope that their aging parent or grandparent will gracefully step into their elder years. For many families, however, this process is not so graceful, and family members are faced with making difficult decisions. While families want what is best for the elder, family members may disagree over what the "best" entails and conflict erupts over who will care for, have access to, and make decisions for the elder. As a result, adult siblings may find themselves in court arguing over decisions for an elder parent.

Elder mediation has been a growing and increasingly common avenue for resolving elder disputes outside of the courtroom. In most cases, (cases involving mild to moderate conflict), mediation is successful in getting parties to set aside their differences and focus on solutions for the elder. Elder mediation does cost money, but it may be well worth it if it helps your family agree on a course of action and work together to care for your older adult.

In high-conflict cases, however, where family members demonstrate an unwillingness to cooperate even with the intervention of a mediator, a different approach is needed to address the underlying conflict and encourage families to focus their efforts on the care and wellbeing of the elder.

Let me explain what elder mediation is, how it can help siblings move past conflicts and work together in their parent's best interest, and where to find a mediator.