Is Your Long-Distance Relationship on the Rocks?

Arrange for E-mediation services in Meridian or Boise, ID

Do you have a conflict with a person or company, but can't meet with them face-to-face? You can count on Sheldon Forehand for E-mediation services.

Your party members will meet with our mediators on Zoom, Microsoft Teams or another video conferencing app. You can expect the process to work like a traditional mediation session.

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Key benefits of E-mediation

Technology-enhanced mediation is a relatively new practice; however, early research suggests that it offers a variety of advantages.

Electronic mediation...

  • Fosters a sense of trust
  • Reduces the stress of mediation
  • Is an affordable and accessible option

Perhaps most importantly, this practice can help people who are experiencing such a strong conflict that they don't feel comfortable meeting in person.

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